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Penny Hill


"Step through the door of The Spa and you're already on the the way to restoring body and soul... discover a place to make your own, for an hour, a day or as long as you wish!"
The spa at Pennyhill Park Hotel is so impressive it almost looks as though the hotel has been attached rather than the other way round. This three-storey building (which covers 45,000 square feet) is a temple to wellbeing with every conceivable treatment on offer to guests taking advantage of the many packages on offer from divine days to sleepover spa visits.
After spending one night in the hotel, which nestles in 123 acres of Surrey parkland, and experiencing the spa we have come up with 10 fun reasons why this could be the perfect place for you to chill out and escape the rigors of everyday life…
(The Spa Traveller)

Project Name: The Spa at Pennyhill Park Hotel in Surrey
Project Location: Surrey, UK
Responsibility: Assistance in Spa Concept, Interior Design, Specialized Spa Design